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Cutting Cravings via “Distraction”

Have Something On Your Mind??

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I had an interview a couple of weeks ago with an editor at Fitbie (MSN’s health and wellness site) and she asked me to recommend some great “distractions” to prevent cravings, particularly at work where we tend to not have much to do for some reason?!?  Most of the answers and ideas I gave are nothing new…in fact, most people know the answers…it’s just a matter of doing them!  But in case there’s a few you may not have heard of, check it out:

One that may be new for a few readers: Did you know that sometimes we eat when we are actually thirsty?  Our body will look to get water in any way it can, even via food (and unwanted calories).  And pretzels won’t help!  If you snack on dry foods it just feeds the problem…pun intended.

A great way to tell if your hunger pang is actually a water pang is to have a big glass of water and wait 10-15 minutes.  If you are still hungry, then eat something…in fact, use the last 5 minutes of the waiting period to plan out a healthy snack!  If you feel satisfied after the 10-15 minutes, then you were probably just thirsty.

If you find any of the suggestions in the article useful, post and tell us how it helped!

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