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Exercise is Finally Fun and No More Knee Issues


You've made exercise really fun for me now. I know I joke about hating the elliptical and all that, but in reality it's actually a lot more fun to do the intervals. Granted, it's a bit of torture, but I feel like I accomplished something. Plus, I feel a lot more confident about my knee issue. Having you explain things like using my abs and glutes to offset the pressure really really helps. I have also noticed a difference with the way clothes are fitting and people have definitely been commenting in the past couple of weeks about how they can tell I've been hitting the gym.   I actually feel like I am at a point where exercise has become a priority for me (would never have said that before). So basically I really enjoy training with you and feel like it's made a huge difference for me.

- Lisa I., Jersey City

Improved Relationship with Food and Cooking in 3 Sessions

I met with Jason for just 3 sessions and in that short period of time he completely changed my relationship with food, food shopping & cooking for myself and my family. Initially I met with Jason to be certain that I was cutting meat out of my diet in a proper way and that I wasn't missing out on any key vitamins, etc. Little did I know that he would help shift my entire outlook on all things related to food and I would be all the better for it.

For me, the key to Jason's success as a nutritionist lies in his impeccable communication style. He asks probing questions that bring to light aspects of your diet you never really thought about on your own. More than that, he listens carefully to your answers and gives you feedback on what he's hearing from you, which then prompts you to either confirm your answer or rethink it altogether. In both cases, the pair of you are sure to always have a clear understanding of what's been said.

Furthermore, it becomes obvious from the very first session that Jason is your true partner in whatever it is you are looking to achieve. He finds a way to make sure his guidance isn't only felt during your sessions but afterwards as well. His follow-up emails summarize all that was said and accomplished during your meeting (once again assuring clear communication throughout the entire process) and his willingness to answer any and all questions via email (outside of sessions) makes you feel like he really has your best interests at heart. I want to avoid sounding too extreme or over the top in my testimonial but, I would be remiss if I failed to say that my time with Jason has really changed my life.

For years I experienced daily stress connected with food shopping (never knowing what to buy), cooking (hating the pressure of following a recipe correctly or providing a tasty meal for friends & family) and feeling guilty when I once again resorted to take out dinners. In 3 short sessions, Jason somehow helped in getting rid of all that stress. I don't understand exactly how or why, but my time with Jason has left me feeling like a new and improved version of myself. I (and my family) are incredibly grateful for all of Jason's help!!

- Michelle H., Jersey City

A Mommy in the City Regaining Her Pre-Baby Body!

"I don’t want this to be a diet that will soon lead me to gaining everything back after one pitfall, but more of a lifestyle change...After just one month of changing my eating habits and working out 1-2 times a week I have lost 3 pounds, 1 1/2 inches in my waist and 1/2 inch in my hips...It’s amazing what seeing the difference can do for your self esteem. I am so thankful for Jason, Jamie, and the entire team at the Hospital for Special Surgery. Their dedication into helping me find myself again is worth more than they will ever know!"

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- Lauren J., Sincerely, Lauren, formerly, NYC


Performance Improvement While Eliminating Hip Discomfort

Jason Machowsky and I worked together twice weekly for about three months. He tested and evaluated my fitness level, discussed and assessed my goals, and developed a program of personal training. I am an author and journalist, age 59, and considered myself reasonably active, with an emphasis on yoga, hiking and, in winter, skiing.

It was immediately apparent that his ambition is to help people. He was reliable, punctual, efficient and hard working. He followed up all my questions with additional research, often referring me to sources for further reading. He identified several problem areas that I had ignored and developed a program for them. I was hoping to improve my overall flexibility and achieve some yoga poses that seemed beyond my reach, and he addressed these interests.

Jason was extremely attentive to detail with respect to form. I trusted his approach even though I initially had my doubts, since it seemed he was suggesting moving backwards in order to progress. But the results were fairly dramatic and I made rapid progress. My flexibility, strength, stamina and overall health and mental outlook all improved. Previous sessions with trainers had invariably led to heavy weights and injury, and I was still experiencing occasional pain and curtailed activity years later.


Under Jason's guidance, the pain has been all but eliminated. These results speak eloquently for themselves. Something that distinguishes Jason from most is his passion for what interests him. This rubbed off on me and made me want to improve, as did his obvious pride in my progress and genuine concern for my well-being. I have worked with several fitness trainers over the years and can say without qualification that Jason is an outstanding trainer.  

- James S., NYC  

Weight Loss, Strength and No More Shoulder Discomfort

Jason Machowsky is phenomenally good at what he does!  I’m a woman in her 50’s, who, while in decent shape, wanted to lose 10 lbs and tone my body. The rub was a “frozen shoulder” which was chronically painful and limited any exercise beyond walking.  Jason designed a workout program that included a once-a-week personal training session and that initially centered on an exercise program to build flexibility and strength in my shoulders and upper body.

Aside from being an ace personal trainer, Jason is highly knowledgeable in muscular / skeletal anatomy and exercise techniques that promote the ability to move, restore function and  reduce pain.  Six weeks after I started working with Jason I was completely pain-free and had fully regained the flexibility and mobility in my right shoulder and arm.  Of course, that was an unexpected bonus!

With Jason as my personal trainer, and with his practical, nutritional guidance, I achieved my original goals – I dropped the 10lbs, have “Cameron Diaz biceps” and my abdominal strength is greatly improved!  If you’re looking for a highly competent and motivating personal trainer who gives personalized attention in developing your workout program, I highly recommend Jason!

- Debra F., Jersey City, NJ

Going the Extra Mile

I hired Jason Machowsky as my personal trainer and he far exceeded my expectations in that regard. I had some specific personal limitations that he was not familiar with and instead of just training me without really understanding, he did research to understand my issues and provide the best solution possible. I don't think I have ever had a trainer go that extra distance for me and that shows his true dedication and professionalism in my opinion. I would highly recommend Jason.

- Alyssa B., NYC  


Improved Strength and Flexibility


You are a great trainer to work with and have great skills in teaching and interpersonally. I really appreciate what I have learned and have incorporated various exercises into my routine. As a result, I feel stronger and more flexible.

- Jim R., NYC  

Jason's Inspiration for Helping Others: My Mom, In Her Own Words 

In my mid-40s, I reached 203lbs. Exercise was never a constant part of my life. When I was 56 years old, Jason worked with me to create a diet, based on the foods that I liked, served in reasonable portions, five times a day. He also worked with me to create several workout routines. That was many years ago. I have kept the weight off, and now find that I miss going to the gym if I don't get my workout. Jason was always there to give me encouragement and advice during my weight loss; he's also been there to help since I reached my goal. You are never too old to start a healthy lifestyle, you just need the right person to give guidance and support, and for me, that was Jason.

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