Below are some examples of my speaking, interview and writing experiences that have allowed me to contribute my expertise to help others move, eat, and live better.

Good Morning America Fit Myths

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GMA Fit Myth Nutrition

Additional Press

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NYRR: Three Habits of the Well Fueled Marathoner: Click Here

The Gymnastics Nutrition Talk We Need to Have But Aren't: Click Here

NSCA Personal Trainers Conference:

Nutrition Periodization and Coaching Techniques for Weight Management

NYP Senior Falls Prevention Symposium: Senior Strength

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Greatist: How To Eat Better, According to an Olympic Dietitian: Click Here

Prevention: Why Is My Workout Leading to Weight Gain?: Click Here

Shape: Why You Get Heartburn When You Exercise: Click Here

10 Foods Athletes Should Add to Their Grocery List: Click Here

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NYRR: Supporting a Healthy Immune System for Runners: Click Here

Food Network Healthy Eats Blog Posts: Click Here

Death of the Diet: My Book and Blog: Click Here

Three Keys To Long-Term Success As A Young Athlete: Click Here

Five Ways To Maintain Fitness As You Age: Click Here

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