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Who Has Better Posture?

Who Has a Flatter Back?

Round 1: Sumo vs. Business

Saw this advertisement in an airline magazine on my way to a wedding in Omaha last weekend.  Take a look at the flat back alignment of the sumo wrestler vs. the hunched-over businessman.  I bet they didn’t even consider it when doing the photo shoot.  Goes to show you can be stable AND mobile 🙂

Although I didn’t run an FMS on these guys, odds are the businessman is rounding his back due to either:

1) Tight hip flexors that don’t allow his hips to fully extend back and/or

2) His thoracic spine is not very mobile due to tight chest muscles.

Both of which are symptoms of sitting at a desk all day and/or only doing pushing movements at the gym (i.e. pushups/bench press/shoulder press).  Sound like anyone you know?

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