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The Power of Support

Helping Hand

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First, a simple question:  If you haven’t already, please go to Facebook (or click on the icon on the right) and like Death of the Diet!  Why am I asking this right now?  Because I’m starting to finally realize the power of support, especially from people who care about you and your efforts.

(Note, this was written in 2012 as I worked on writing Death of the Diet) Over the past month or so I’ve been letting it “slip” (or just plain saying) that I’m working on writing a holistic nutrition and fitness (health) book.  For a while, since November actually, I was thinking I would keep it to myself.  Why would I want to do such a thing?  Well here were a sampling of my thoughts (and as many of you know, I tend to think wayyyy too much):

  1. It’s not fully written yet so I don’t have an exact timeline (despite my best efforts to nail one down)

  2. It’s only on its first draft so it’ll probably look stupid and no one will think it’s any good

  3. I don’t want anyone “stealing” my ideas or thoughts

But the craziest thing has happened since I started telling more people, especially my friends, colleagues, family and clients.  They’ve been extremely supportive, everything from saying that I’m doing a great job to offering to read chapters for me and provide feedback.

Ironically enough I also just recently completed a section in the book on getting support for your health, fitness or weight change journey.  And as I write them geared toward a health and fitness audience, I realize that so much of the content applies to all of life’s pursuits.

We can’t do it all alone, or at least if we do, it takes a heck of a lot longer and is a lot harder.  That doesn’t sound like much fun.  So who cares if my book doesn’t have a specific timeline, it will be written and finished.  So what if my first draft is disjointed and missing information, that’s the point of drafts!  And finally, why would anyone who actually cares about me steal my ideas?!?  It’s quite ridiculous now that I think about it.  And now I want you to do the same as well if you’ve been trying to go at it alone with your own health improvement or weight change journey.

  1. Tell friends, family and colleagues about your health and fitness pursuits.  You will get a lot more cheers than jeers (and if someone jeers you, are they really your friend?!?).

  2. Create a support system of people (name, email, phone #, twitter account name, etc.) that you can call when you are having a lousy day and are tempted to run to the bakery instead of the gym.

  3. Ask for feedback and insights from those who have succeeded in achieving the goals you want to accomplish.  Thank them for their feedback and if it resonates with you, take action!

  4. Join community groups either on-line or in-person.  That’s one of the best features of Weight Watchers for weight loss.  The Death of the Diet Concierge Program is here for you, too!

  5. Or start your own community group with friends and family members that may be looking to improve their health or fitness.  You don’t all need to be going for the same exact goal, just ones that require some motivation, accountability and guidance.

The book will be out at some point (it’s out!), and it will be awesome (you can be the judge).  Thank you all for your support!!!

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