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Sedentary Jobs: Why They Suck and How to Deal With Them

Sitting for Long Hours at Work: Burning Calories?  Not So Much.

Burning Calories? Not So Much. Image courtesy of

Many of us are spending more and more time at work these days, getting in early or staying late to deal with increasing demands. As a result, we’re eating more meals away from home, which can often lead to non-ideal nutrition decisions, especially if we go many hours between meals. Paired with an increasing rate of sedentary jobs (a.k.a. jobs where we do little more than sit on our butts and type all day), Americans and those in other modernized countries across the world are facing a lifestyle-based obesity epidemic of too many “calories in” and not enough “calories out.”

However, a little bit of planning and some mindful decisions can tip the scales back in your favor, even if you are stuck behind a desk 10 hours a day. Here is the first tip—do not sit all 10 hours!  Just getting up and taking a brisk ten minute walk every day can save you about five pounds a year.  Add in some jumping jacks, body weight squats or pushups and you’ll be burning more calories and gaining some extra attention at the office!  Or you can do it behind the safety of your office/cubicle door.  Either way, move more.

From a nutrition perspective, I wrote an article for (formerly about developing healthy eating habits at the workplace to help make choosing a healthier breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack at the office a little bit easier. Eating better at work will not only help the calorie-conscious, but also help you stay focused, perform better and have the energy after a long day of work to go workout.  Who knows, healthy eating may even earn you a promotion! (though I can’t guarantee that…but if it did, tell me!)

Speak Up! The article has lots of ideas, let me know which ones resonate most with you.  Or please do provide me with other ideas that have worked for you that I missed!

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