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Of Girlfriends and Green Smoothies

Since achieving my 35 pound weight loss journey in 2005 and subsequent foray into graduate school for Applied Physiology and Nutrition, I considered myself a relatively health conscious eater. I ended up trying a number of “diets” in grad school for about a week or so in the name of science…low-carb (Atkins), raw vegan and even a “food stamp” diet (I had to eat for a week only on the amount someone receives on food stamps…about $35 at the time. $5 a day.). Coming out the other end my motto became, “All in moderation…”

And so I lived my life until early 2009 when I started dating someone who had a blender that she said could be the only cooking utensil she needed in her life. Of course, I was intrigued, as I’m the type of person who liked to put fire to most of my foods. As it turns out, the famed blender was the two-horsepower Vitamix, which has been known to puree hammers (do NOT try this at home). After a few dates/uses of the Vitamix, I must admit I was pretty hooked. We were able to take big, tough dark leafy greens like kale and collard greens and blend them with fruit, water and ice to end up with a smooth, tasty concoction. We even made pea soup starting with frozen peas (no precooking required!).

Since moving in together last year…green smoothies have become a morning ritual for me, chock full of new fruit/veggie/greens combinations for me to try! While much of the rest of my day remains the same, injecting these consistent smoothies into my routine resulted in the following (for me):

  1. Better satiety in the morning with a smaller breakfast (smoothie and usually just a small bowl of whole grain cereal or a slice of whole grain bread + peanut butter)

  2. Improved my general nutrient intake (I analyzed a 3 day food record with my new habits vs. old habits)

  3. Amazingly regular trips to the bathroom

  4. A few pounds of somewhat unintended, but much appreciated weight loss

The longer I have worked with clients in the health/wellness field the more I have come to realize that permanent results come from small, permanent changes. I changed a routine (started drinking green smoothies in the morning) and got a result (see above). While you may not choose to start drinking green smoothies every day (but if you do, contact me for some great recipes), consider a small, permanent change in your life that you can make to gain a permanent, positive result. Remember, small changes done every day can have a huge impact on your life.

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