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Going on Vacation? Indulge Wisely

The kids are getting out of school, work slows down and the weather is warm; summer must be around the corner!  Summer is a time of relaxation and vacation for many people and families.  We like to use vacations as a “break” from our normal routines, which sometimes means eating out more and “cheating” from an otherwise healthy lifestyle.  I completely agree that vacations are a time to indulge and experience new flavors and foods that cannot otherwise be experienced at home.  However, does “vacation” mean we should go to McDonald’s in Rome, Kentucky Fried Chicken in China or Starbucks in Spain?  Or does being on “vacation” give us license to have high calorie, low-nutrient foods all day, every day while we are away?

I believe in the 80/20 rule of healthy eating no matter where we are; try to make healthy food choices when you can (80% of the time), because you know there will always be times that you can’t or won’t (20% of the time).  For example, if you are hustling between different events or sightseeing during the day, choose a salad or lighter sandwich for lunch instead of greasy fast food.  You are likely more focused on getting to your next destination rather than the food you are eating.  And eating lighter food will help prevent that mid-afternoon crash!  In contrast, when dinner time comes around, you can go to a nice restaurant and appreciate a more flavorful, indulgent meal.

For many more tips, check out my article on Indulging Wisely Without Guilt on Vacation.  This article is part of my Vacation Tips for Eating Healthy series, a group of 3 articles describing how to enjoy vacations while still living by the 80/20 rule.  Next on tap: Healthy eating tips while getting to your vacation destination!

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