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Balanced Eating on Vacation – Part 2

One of my previous posts described how to indulge wisely when on vacation.  The two articles I have linked today focus on using a little bit of planning to go a long way in preventing yourself from eating less healthy options on vacation that you did not even want in the first place.

Imagine eating an hour before leaving for the airport, then taking 30 minutes to get there, 60 minutes in line for tickets/security and now a 90 minute wait before a 4 hour plane ride.  That means you will have to wait at least 8 hours between your last meal at home and your first meal at your destination.  Most people do not want to wait to eat for that long (nor should you!) so they typically get something quick at the airport or buy some less-than-ideal food on the airplane that probably doesn’t taste the best to begin with.  Did you really want to indulge in that food, or would you have rather saved the indulgence for when you are at your destination?  Two ways to combat this issue is to either:

1) Bring your own healthy snack(s) from home.  Bring one for the wait at the airport and one for the airplane.

2) Scope out the list of vendors at the airport for healthier options (i.e. places that sell grilled food rather than fried, salads, etc.) and buy a substantial, balanced meal for the trip.  Have half at the airport and the other half on the plane so you can stay satisfied for the entire trip and reduce your cravings for buying/eating unwanted snacks.

Planning can also go a long way during those long, fun vacation days people spend sightseeing or going to amusement parks.  When traveling, try stopping at a supermarket when you first arrive to stock up on healthy snacks and breakfast foods for your hotel room.  If you have a mini-fridge you can even buy perishable items like low-fat milk for cereal, yogurt for mid-day snacks between sites/rides, hummus to dip veggies in, etc.  Just remember to take some snacks with you each morning before you leave for the day!

Check out my articles on Healthy Vacationing Tips: Getting to Your Destination and Planning Long, Fun and Healthful Days for even more ideas.  Happy and healthy traveling!

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