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Spring Cleaning…and Tips for Restocking Your Pantry

Restock Your Pantry Wisely

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The weather is getting warmer, birds are chirping, April showers are falling and spring cleaning is in full effect for many of us throughout the house…kitchen included!  During this time we may be looking to renew our commitment to eating better by tossing out all of the high sugar, salt laden tempting foods lurking in our fridges, freezers and pantries.  Soda, cookies, candy bars, chips and highly processed frozen meals/pizzas to name a few.

Clearing out these foods is a great first step toward making better eating decisions at home because ultimately we can’t eat what is not in front of us…or in our cupboards.  But we still need to eat something…and even healthy foods like nuts can be consumed in too large a quantity; a palmful is about 100 calories.  So take a gander at my recent article for the Food Network on tips for Restocking Your Pantry Wisely.

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